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Milford Croft is the perfect place to relax, explore and unwind in the comfort of five star accommodation - just 100m from the sea.



Milford on Sea

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Beach Hut 'Westover 161' - For your use during your holiday












Our Beach Hut is just 280m, 310yards from Milford Croft. It may be approached from the Milford promenade by a ramp near to the front of the ‘Needles Eye’ café. There is a water tap by the children’s playground and equipped for making hot drinks playground adjacent to the café and a gas hob and kettle in the hut. Bottled water is provided. Our hut is fourth in from the end of the terrace. Apart from negotiating a dropped kerb when crossing Hurst Road the entire journey can be achieved without having to negotiate steps. Guests with limited mobility could go by car to the eastern sea-front car park from the nearest point of which the beach hut is just 75m, 83yds.


In front of the beach hut is a path/apron made of concrete (this might be covered by beach pebbles in autumn and winter) 3.3m, 10’ wide upon which tables and chairs may be placed. To enter the hut there is a doorway 900mm, 36“ wide and a step of 75mm, 3" high.

Beach Sand Patterns

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Happy Holidays

Access to the beach hut is provided on a complimentary basis to Milford Croft guests from 6am to 10pm. On Saturdays priority is given to arriving guests. So, if you get here earlier than our 3pm ‘entry time’ it will be possible to park (by Milford Croft if you wish) and use the hut while we finish changeover cleaning. If you want to take this option we must be told by the Wednesday prior to your arrival; otherwise the previous guests might use the facility after their 10am departure and before returning home.


Access to the beach hut may be restricted or impractical in the late autumn or winter.





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